Luke Holland and actor

How long have you worked in Video Production?

I started my career in video whilst studying for a degree in TV & Radio Production. I took on freelance work as a camera operator and a junior producer and soon discovered my unhealthy obsession with the industry.

What appealed to you about the industry?

It’s the people I love (as cheesy as it sounds). Video production takes you all over the world meeting people from all walks of life. It’s my job to capture the essence of these people and tell their stories in a compelling way that audiences connect with. I discovered my love of storytelling when I was working on a dementia project for the Alzheimer’s Society. I was commissioned to tell the story of an elderly man and his daily struggle to care for his wife who no longer recognised him. The brief I received was initially that of a sad story, but upon meeting the subject I quickly realised he didn’t see his daily routine as a struggle. He adored his wife and devoted his life to her because she was his world. I quickly changed the narrative from that of a documentary that details the difficulty of a life affected by Alzheimer’s disease to that of a real-life love story. It was in that situation I learned the importance of capturing people in their true, authentic self. It’s an ideal I’ve instilled at Turps!

Why did you start Turps Film/setup your own video production agency?

I was inspired by a lot of great agencies established within the North East. In my early career I spent the majority of my time freelancing and was impressed by the quality of video production companies within the region. I wanted to contribute the scene and put my own stamp on the industry.

Do you have any particular sectors you prefer to work in?

I don’t have favourite clients contrary to what my team say! We once supported a local brewery with their digital content and the guys in the office are now convinced that I own shares in the company (I don’t, I just buy more ales than I probably should!).

I’ve been truly lucky to work with some amazing brands, companies, charities and local authorities. We’ve produced a huge number of sales and recruitment films lately as the world returns to normal following the covid pandemic, but we’re open to all types of projects!

What’s your proudest moment at Turps Film?

As cliché as it sounds, my proudest moments have been watching the Turps team grow. Watching the people I work with find their feet within the industry and develop their skills and love for video has been (and continues to be) an honour. I love that we have wonderful relationships with other video agencies in the North East where we share knowledge, talent, and celebrate each other’s successes.

What’s the most exciting film project you’ve worked on?

In early 2021 we were approached by Museums Northumberland to see if we were interested in producing some content for a digital version of their renowned annual Miners’ Picnic celebration. It was to be the 157th Miners’ Picnic and the team at Woodhorn Museum wanted something truly special to help people celebrate the significant event – albeit remotely. After being unable to run the event in 2020 due to you-know-what, they wanted to build on the success of the virtual celebrations of 2020, mark the occasion this year and present the museum to a new audience.

The team at Museums Northumberland had booked Maxïmo Park frontman Paul Smith to perform an intimate solo performance of his own songs and as well as traditional and contemporary songs connected to the North East’s coal mining heritage, set right inside the museum. As a big fan of Paul Smith, and a local history nerd, I was like a kid in a sweet shop!

How big is the team at Turps Film?

The Turps team is continuously expanding. We work with specialists in all aspects of video production to ensure our clients get the best possible results and a product they can be proud of. As standard, every Turps job is assigned a project manager, a director, a camera operator, and an editor. But some clients request some more niche support such as marketing and animation. We assess every project to ensure the right people are selected for the work!

What does an average week look like for the Turps Film team?

Every day is different at Turps and that’s the way we like it! One moment we’re shooting international superstars, then the next we’re having a cup of tea with Barbara whilst she discusses knitting patterns.

What does the future hold for Turps Film?

We just want to continue to deliver projects that have an impact. We want to use video to benefit our clients. This could be by helping them to secure funding, helping engage audiences with a recruitment video, advertising a product, or by sharing key messaging with their staff. We have lots of great projects on the horizon as well as some exciting partnership opportunities.

If you have a video production project you’d like our help and expertise with, give us a shout! We’d love to hear more and get your video content underway!