Live action with 3D animation and a voiceover? No problem!

We were recently contacted by Genesis, a leading brand both UK and worldwide, specialising in contract flooring, and ceramic and soft flooring tools.

Often, organisations need to create videos that serve a multi-functional purpose, catering to the needs of multiple departments. Here at Turps Film, we pride ourselves on getting the most out of a project for all of our clients!

The Brief: A tutorial featuring 3D animation, product video and a voiceover.

To create a video promoting an upcoming new product launch for STRATO, a tile decoupling membrane that allows tiling onto problematic floors. We had to ensure the end product could be used as a sales tool and an internal educational resource. Another vital part of the brief was to share all key USPs, including the fact that the decoupling membrane rolls out flat, it is incredibly easy to install, it protects against tiles cracking and it is only 3mm thick. Showing the product’s strengths can be tricky, even with the item in hand, so we decided to share the benefits of Strato by using 3D animation.

This project was unique for us as Genesis’s definition of success was not a return on investment but a desire to produce a professional and high-quality video, that portrayed the quality.

The Turps Team’s Challenge

To create something engaging and approachable but with a high-quality aesthetic, using a mix of 3D, 2D, and live-action imagery.

Challenge Accepted. So what was the ask?

  • Bespoke 3D scenes to be modelled and animated
  • Assistance with scriptwriting
  • High-quality video production
  • Inclusion of all key USPs
  • Professional voice over
  • Variety of output formats including social media edits


Strato video


What did we do?

From the initial consultation, there was substantial pre-production and some wonderfully collaborative animation development. We’ve filmed many tutorials in the past for various large organisations but developing the 3D elements on this particular project needed to elevate the product above their competitors. STRATO is a premium product and we needed our video to reflect this.

The development of this project was very much an iterative process. We received a rough script from the creative boffins at Genesis’ marketing department and used this as starting point to map out a storyboard scene by scene. Once we were certain we’d captured all aspects of the brief; highlighting the USPs, planning hero shots, and making sure the narrative was positioned correctly for the video’s audience, we then shared the plan with the Genesis team. This meant we knew how best to approach each scene from start to finish and the plan was finalised before we even set foot on site!

 The shoot

The day of the shoot arrived and everyone was in great spirits. Richard and Michael who commissioned the project oversaw the shoot. It’s fantastic when a team who contracted a project can be present on a shoot day. It allows us to make any final tweaks on set with their approval and we can even share a sneak peek to help build excitement before we even reach the edit.

Many cups of tea, numerous rolls of STRATO, and several bags of adhesive later, the project was complete and it was straight into the edit! Even though we had filmed the entire process in live action, Genesis wanted to highlight specific key points in 3D. As well as helping to elevate the quality of the production, this allowed us to show some things that our cameras couldn’t quite capture. The movements are clean, the scenes are bright and the material looks fantastic in 3D.

The piece came together quickly and working with the Genesis marketing team was an utter delight. It’s an effortless experience to get a project over the line when the agency and the client are on the same page from project conception to right the way up to delivery.

The result?

What the client said:

“We needed a professional video to support our new STRATO product and its launch. We required simple content to understand while relaying accurate and beneficial product information that’s best presented via video.

On recommendation, we contacted Turps Film who allowed us to be creative and showed enthusiasm in the initial stages.

Planning and implementation were simplistic but professional. This allowed us to progress quickly and efficiently with Turps Film supporting our final vision.

Luke and the team at Turps Film are a pleasure to work with, it’s constantly refreshing to complete projects with a company that balances professionalism and dedication with good humour and amazing attitudes.

The team was on hand for any questions and comments throughout all stages. I would happily work with them again on any video projects going forward.”

If you have a video production project you’d like our help and expertise with, give us a shout! We’d love to hear more