We’re delighted to be working with the North East England Chamber of Commerce (NEECC) on an exclusive members-only webinar, aimed at helping businesses to produce better quality videos from devices they already have available to them, like tablets and smartphones.

We’ve previously run successful workshops with clients like Weber on this, so when the Chamber got in touch to ask for our help, we figured we could offer a lot of insight into video production for businesses looking to better connect with their customers when in-person is such a challenge right now.

The webinar is taking place on 2nd December – sign up here if you’re a NEECC member! – and our founder and Creative Director, Luke Holland, will be delving into the techniques and tools required to produce high-quality video, without needing an external video production partner.

Whilst it might seem like we’re doing ourselves out of a job here, there are some projects that simply don’t require an expert video production company and we believe businesses shouldn’t be constrained by time or budget when there’s an opportunity to produce great video content themselves. Self-produced videos can help businesses create quick and engaging content for things like Sales messaging or how-to’s, allowing companies to engage with their customers/clients far easier than they would with written content.

With the pandemic rumbling on and no real sign of normality, it’s fair to say that most of us will be continuing to work remotely for the foreseeable, so with that in mind, we wanted to share valuable knowledge on DIY video production, covering things such as the equipment you need (in addition to phones/tablets/cameras) and how to complete basic editing, as well as recording better sound to enhance the overall quality of your content.

This free members-only event is a must-attend if you’ve had video on your marketing agenda for some time, but have put it off because of a lack of understanding or confidence.



After running this session with our client, Weber (part of Saint Gobain) we received some glowing feedback: 

“When we asked Turps Film to produce this training video we didn’t plan on adding Videographer, Director, Producer to our field sales team’s job description, but in an ever-digital age, video content is becoming more precious and we were hoping spontaneity would be key to some cracking footage.  By giving our team the basics in video production we hope to be able to produce more videos by professionally editing any suitable footage supplied into website, social media, training and exhibition content.

Turps Film was the obvious choice to create the training skills video as they are familiar with our business and products after producing many videos for Weber over the years, they also understood what we were hoping to achieve through the process.  The video has offered our business a key insight into producing simple and effective video content and feedback so far has been very positive!”

We hope to see you on the webinar next Wednesday (2nd Dec 2020) at 10 am and would like to say a big thanks to the NEECC for asking us to provide this session.