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Corporate Videos are a brilliant way to tell your audience everything they need to know about you.  Showcase your company’s culture, key products or services via an engaging video to share across a variety of platforms.

Diversity & Inclusion is a priority for CTD Tiles and it is their aim to cultivate an inclusive environment that celebrates all types of diversity.  The brand wanted to give future employees an inside view on what it’s like to be part of CTD, as well as celebrating their commitment to inclusivity and diversity.

Newcastle School for Boys wanted to create a video which would showcase the unique experience, ethos, and opportunities available at the school in just a few minutes.  Something to give parents an idea as to why Newcastle School for Boys was the right choice for their child.

We were contracted to produce a film to show the importance of teamwork in successfully delivering Weber products to their customers.  We documented every step of the product’s journey from a customer placing and order, through manufacture, to delivery.  The project essentially comprises of a factory tour video, a manufacturing documentary and some narrative content.

Cameo Digital needed a video to showcase their strengths as a collective of PR + Marketing experts.  We’ve worked on a couple of digital agency projects in the past, so when Cameo Digital contacted us for help with their very first brand video, we knew exactly how we could add value, whilst capturing the very unique personality and model of this digital collective.

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What Our Clients Say

In CTD we have over 650 colleagues over nearly 100 sites.  We like to use video content for many reasons but to name a few…we believe it helps to spread a genuine, wide reaching message. I was so pleased with Turps, as always they picked up on the core factors we wanted to achieve and did this with very limited time from ourselves! If you need any film work to be completed Turps Film are so easy to work with they always deliver a fantastic end result.  I was overwhelmed by the feedback that I received from many people in our business on the content and quality of the project. Thanks Turps Film!

Turps Film was the obvious choice to create the training skills video as they are familiar with our business and products after producing many videos for Weber over the years, they also understood what we were hoping to achieve through the process.  The video has offered our business a key insight into producing simple and effective video content and feedback so far has been very positive!

Dawn McKee, Weber