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Documentary videos are the perfect way to tell a story.  Maybe you’re working on a special project that needs to be captured, or maybe you’ve received funding and need to document your progress.  Documentaries can raise awareness, raise funds and help elicit a response from the viewer.

Concordia was a project funded by the Paul Hamlyn foundation.  Our client needed to document the benefits of the programme in a way which satisfied the funding criteria.  By recruiting Turps Film to document the programme at regular intervals, we were able to capture the progression of the participants from start to finish.  By the end we were able to show funders EXACTLY why Concordia was a vital programme that hugely affected a child’s confidence and achievement.

Little Inventors is a creative education organisation that teaches children to get inventing!  Pioneers was a programme funded by the arts council which asked young people to come up with inventions all around the theme of energy.  Turps Film interviewed the participants at regular intervals during workshops right up until COVID-19 pandemic struck.  The project was quickly rejigged to make the most of remote and self-shot content.  In the end we were able to capture a piece which highlights the significance of the work that Little Inventors are doing, in terms of building a child’s confidence and encouraging a career in STEM.

Child Friendly Cities and Communities (CFC) is a Unicef UK programme that works with councils to put children’s rights into action and at Newcastle City Council are one of the first four local authorities in the UK to join forces with Unicef to become a Child Friendly City.  We were approached by Newcastle City Council to create a film which showcases why Newcastle Upon Tyne was chosen as one of the first cities to be named a Child Friendly City.

We were asked to collaborate for a project focused on Ann Cleeves, the esteemed author of the best-selling Shetland & Vera novels which have been successfully adapted into a hugely popular TV series on ITV. Vera is set in the North East and is filmed in a number of notable, and less notable locations across the region so Ann’s books have seen a resurgence in popularity. The film touches on her love of the North, her experiences, and life as a writer.  Rather than a text interview, the video brought a more digestible and interactive way to learn about Ann and how she developed the character and story for her Vera novels. 

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What Our Clients Say

In CTD we have over 650 colleagues over nearly 100 sites.  We like to use video content for many reasons but to name a few…we believe it helps to spread a genuine, wide reaching message. I was so pleased with Turps, as always they picked up on the core factors we wanted to achieve and did this with very limited time from ourselves! If you need any film work to be completed Turps Film are so easy to work with they always deliver a fantastic end result.  I was overwhelmed by the feedback that I received from many people in our business on the content and quality of the project. Thanks Turps Film!

Turps Film was the obvious choice to create the training skills video as they are familiar with our business and products after producing many videos for Weber over the years, they also understood what we were hoping to achieve through the process.  The video has offered our business a key insight into producing simple and effective video content and feedback so far has been very positive!

Dawn McKee, Weber