During Autumn 2020, we offered fellow members of the North East Chamber of Commerce a reduced rate to introduce video into their marketing.  We had a number of enquiries off the back of this, which is music to our ears: we absolutely love helping businesses implement video content, especially when it’s new to them and can really transform their messaging with the right approach. 

One of the enquiries we received was from Cameo Digital, a digital marketing collective based in the North East.  Cameo isn’t your typical agency – it boasts a team of freelance senior professionals in marketing, strategy, SEO, PPC and PR, as well as their two new apprentices building careers in this unique business.  The Cameo Digital ethos is to “do good work with good people” and that’s certainly something we can get on board with here at Turps Film! 

Charlotte McMurray, founder and MD of Cameo, wanted to create a brand video that highlighted the unique model of Cameo Digital and why they’re truly offering something different to the traditional agency model.  Filming in the midst of a global pandemic is certainly challenging, especially since the goalposts were moved a few time by the Gov as we planned the project, but we found that with a pragmatic approach to planning, we could get the structure and flow of the video planned, with things like location and participants kept fluid.

A few days before the agreed filming date, the weather forecast was telling us to expect bright and sunny – albeit a little blustery – so we decided a large portion of the video would be filmed outside, at their client’s office on the Quayside.  

We planned a range of scenes throughout the day, including a meeting and interviews with their client, Saddle Skedaddle, then interviews with Charlotte and Lauren, both independent consultants within Cameo Digital.  We moved around a lot throughout the day to keep the settings fresh and in line with the ethos of the brand, whilst also highlighting that the team are remote-based and freelance, for the most part.  

The result of the day’s filming was a tonne of fantastic soundbites and scenes which have made it into the final cut, seen below.

The key to success? Stay fluid

We’d actively encourage anyone looking to implement video to first of all, not be afraid of undertaking a project like this during the pandemic, because there are so many ways to film beautiful video whilst observing the rules and restrictions.  

Secondly, stay open to change and be fluid with plans.  Whether that’s a change in location or adapting an existing space into something it isn’t usually, we work tirelessly to give the look and feel that you want, up to the minute we send you the final product. 

The reason why the Cameo Digital videos are such a success is that the team and their client remained open to compromise and changing plans, which meant we were able to try different ways of capturing footage, whilst still observing the rules. 

The finished videos

The result of our work with Cameo Digital is an engaging and personable brand video that really establishes the ethos of this digital collective. 

We ended up capturing so much valuable footage from the Cameo team and their client, that we were then tasked with creating a case studio video to showcase their work with Saddle Skedaddle.  


Client Testimonial

“We absolutely loved working with Turps on our latest video project. We’d never done a brand video before, and Luke was very generous with his time in taking us through the briefing process, getting to grips with what we were all about, and answering all our questions.

During the planning, Luke and the team came up with tons of ideas and concepts, and supported us through the entire process of preparing for the shoot, arranging locations and creating a schedule – something that wasn’t easy with COVID restrictions in place!

On the day of the shoot, Luke and Rob were efficient, well-organised and friendly, and put us and our clients at ease. 

They kept the energy up through a long day of filming and kept everybody on track across different locations. During editing they were very easy to work with, creating a fantastic first cut and responding quickly to our suggestions for tweaks.

We’re delighted with the finished product and we’ve had an amazing response to the video, which fits seamlessly with our new branding and reflects us perfectly as a business. In fact, we got so much footage on the day that we ended up briefing a second video from the same shoot, because there was so much great material we wanted to cover but couldn’t fit into the initial brief!

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Turps Film and look forward to working with them on more projects in future.”

Charlotte McMurray, MD at Cameo Digital


Ready, set, action! 🎬

If you’re looking to kickstart video production within your business, we have a heap of resources to guide you on the Turps Film blog.

Failing that, if you’d like to have a chat about what you’re looking for and discover if we are the right fit, give us a shout here and we’ll arrange to have a chat.