As video specialists and – let’s face it – fanatics, we could sit and wax lyrical about the powers and benefits of video content for hours.  And just when we thought we couldn’t be more passionate about what video can do for organisations, the past 15 months or so have shown how important it is. So we thought we’d take a closer look at some of the benefits of video content for business, to help those pondering what spending money on video can really do for them.

Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list, but these are a few of the common benefits we find our clients complimenting us on at the end of a finished project when the fruits of the investment start to show. If video content has done something additional for you – we’d love to hear it! 

Let’s get down to business, shall we? 

Unleash your company story with heaps of personality

An obvious one, sure, but video content has the power to really tell the story of a business or organisation, highlighting the people behind it, the company values/ethos and offering. You can do this in a blog post or two, or even on your company website, but nothing really translates quite as well as video

Think about it in a completely different way for a second. You’re looking for a supplier. Would you rather sit and read about a business and its services yourself, or would you prefer them to simplify it all into a well-produced 2-minute video? We’d bet good money you’d prefer the latter – and so would your customers. 

Boost social shares 

Video also works fantastically well on social networks, with many platforms allowing creators to upload video content directly to the platform so it auto-plays in the feed.  It’s something that’ll stop a scroller in their tracks and catch attention amongst a sea of words, polls and flat imagery.

Social media video needs to be shorter and punchier, but the very nature of it means it’s so easy for followers/customers or staff to share content, thus boosting reach, impressions and the overall authority of the brand. 

Plus, the potential for wider shares is huge. According to WordStream, a staggering 92% of users watching video on mobile will share it with others. The fact that the likes of Facebook (and Instagram, of course) is now prioritising and rewarding video content with more visibility, it makes perfect sense for businesses to start introducing it wherever possible. 

Improve conversion rates 

In HubSpot’s 2020 State of Marketing report, it was found that video was the most popular form of content, overtaking common forms such as blogs, guides and infographics. 

In addition, they found that introducing video to a static landing page can improve conversion rates by up to 80%, which is a staggering number and proves that video – done well – can be a worthy investment for sales collateral.  

Video content also has the potential to boost email conversion rates, reduce unsubscribe rates and improve clickthrough rate. It’s just so much more compelling than being faced with a wall of text. 

Cut through the noise 

In the same way that a big wall of text can be a turn off for users when viewing a static site page or email, video content can cut through a whole lot of noise when it comes to other content types, like eBooks, for example. 

We aren’t saying that written content is useless (and let’s face it, we wouldn’t be writing this blog if it was!) but for key messaging and campaigns, it’s really worth adding another dimension to content output via video. 

There’s a big world out there on the internet and it’s crucial to do whatever’s possible to get your content seen, so if video can help do that then it’s a no-brainer, really. 

Double down on your useful content

So you might have spent the past few years building a back catalogue of amazing, useful content that helps your customers/clients when they’re in the awareness and consideration stages of the buyer funnel. That’s great. It’ll be building SEO value for you and no doubt helping customers discover more about what it is you do or sell. 

But what if you could increase your use even further by translating these assets into additional, snappier and easier to share video content? A 15 point FAQ list could become a 1minute video with the real need-to-knows that not only answers questions but shows personality and is bound to perform better on social media etc.  

Or perhaps you have a job ad that’s dull and boring and isn’t bringing in any candidates – you could show your company culture and values via video and hey presto! You have an evergreen content type that bolsters existing content and is more digestible and shareable. 

The possibilities are endless

Yep, really. Whether it’s an interview, a fly on the wall documentary, an advert, product showcase, video event, training video, corporate video or even an engaging educational video, video can be used to tell any kind of story. 

Plus, it’s only increasing in popularity and customers pretty much expect the brands they buy from to be providing video – HubSpot reckons that over 70% of worldwide consumers – B2C and B2B – want to see more video from businesses.

We have organisations coming to us with ideas that they’re not totally sure about and through our expertise, we can help them turn that idea into an inspiring bit of video content that delivers the results they were looking for. 

If there’s a piece of content that you’re considering right now, it’s 100% worth figuring out how it could translate into video content and, if you’re not sure, you can always chat to us to explore it!