CTD Create a Recruitment Video to Attract Talent

We recently finished an exciting new recruitment video project for long-term client CTD Tiles. CTD is a part of Saint-Gobain, a large business specialising in various aspects of construction, home improvement, and building supplies. CTD Tiles, as the name suggests, specialise in tiles, and needed our help to help propel and boost in-branch recruitment efforts.

Targeting a predominantly young audience, the project was designed to attract potential candidates for in-branch roles within the business, highlighting their great working atmosphere, great leadership, flexibility, and potential to build a long, fruitful career. As you might expect, we’re strong believers in video content to help convey this type of messaging, so we got to work on a recruitment video designed to capture the essence of the business.

How we approached the recruitment video

We brainstormed ideas with the team and composed a brief that highlighted the benefits of working at CTD Tiles, the ways we’d bring this story to life, and a clear list of everywhere and everyone we’d need to make the recruitment video come to life.

Whilst restrictions in the UK have eased, we’re still highly vigilant to the risks of COVID-19 and want our clients and their staff to remain safe when undertaking any video project, so we like to get this stuff all clear and sorted out before work begins.

For this video, we decided to speak to a store manager and a few key members of staff in a group interview, to provide natural soundbites and a fun, relaxed atmosphere that highlights the culture of the business. CTD Tiles included four members of staff, with another 4 on standby and able to be involved in B-roll footage, or whatever we felt the video needed after capturing the main interviews.

Filming the participants in a group, in a multi-camera setup, encouraged a feeling of togetherness which really shone through in the finished content.

What did we do?

We asked the interviewees several questions about the atmosphere in-store, the overall experience of working at CTD, the training provided, and the relationship between the staff members in general.

The interviews were then edited together to create the impression that the managers and staff mix as one, and the atmosphere in the store is positive, meaning anyone with a positive attitude can step into a job at CTD Tiles.

The B-roll footage showed colleagues within their roles throughout the store, looking happy, open, friendly, and motivated. They’re featured in a range of areas, which helped to showcase the overall working environment for staff and the vibe of the business for anyone thinking of applying for a role.

The finished video

We are thrilled with the finished product, which truly captures the essence of CTD Tiles and highlights the employee culture, the benefits of working for the organisation, and why a career at CTD is something worth exploring.

The footage is authentic, laidback, and fun and we couldn’t have wished for a better group of people to be involved: everyone was so keen to get involved and share their own experiences of working for the business, which really is high praise for CTD Tiles.

The videos we’ve produced are now able to be used for recruitment purposes and on social media, bringing life to their recruitment efforts and a closer look into the business, which will no doubt boost interest, engagement, and applications.

The client’s thoughts on the recruitment video:

We are delighted with the videos created by Turps Film to help us with our recruitment drive and we’ve already had great feedback from applicants who’ve seen the finished product so far.

“As a business, we’ve invested in video to help tackle a few objectives and this recent project just shows how versatile it can be for helping to showcase the essence of the business and its people, so we’ll definitely be taking this approach forward for future people-centric projects.”

Katie Clapham, Marketing & HR Director, CTD.

If you have a video production project you’d like our help and expertise with, give us a shout! We’d love to hear more and get your video content underway!