It’s time for another client project focus and this week, we’re taking a look at a recent production we completed for our long-time client, CTD Tiles.

Part of Saint-Gobain, a global organisation with brands including Weber (another Turps client!) and Jewson, amongst many others, the CTD Group specialises in sourcing and supplying a vast range of high-quality tile designs to all sectors of the interior and the architectural market.

CTD Tiles filming - October 2020
With over 50 years of experience, CTD is one of the leading names in the industry, striving to bring the latest advances in tile manufacturing to each individual collection as well as considering consumer demands, from the desirability of classic design styles to the latest cutting-edge trends.
We love working with the brand and have provided various video projects for CTD Tiles, from product demos to team-focused content and more in between. So let’s dive into this one, shall we?

What was the brief?

CTD Tiles reached out to us in order to produce some video content to feature as part of their Careers page on their website.  They wanted to showcase typical duties involved at various levels of the business.  On this occasion, we interviewed two branch managers based in London and talked about everything from how they got their start, how they raised through the ranks and their sentiments on community & diversity within CTD.
We have a long-standing relationship with CTD, so when they came to us to discuss their brief, we had a pretty clear idea as to how we were going to approach the project.  We understand their branding, their style and their ethos so the only real challenge was in how to approach the interviews to capture high-quality content that hit the mark for our client.  After a few emails back and forth with HR Director, Katie Clapham, we had settled on a line of questioning and some setups to help portray representative imagery for the roles we were filming.
Our office (and CTD’s head office) are based in Newcastle but the branch we were filming at is in the centre of London.  We had a crew of two take cameras, lighting and sound equipment down to the branch in Battersea.
Filming with CTD Tiles - Turps Film 2020
Arriving on-site, we wore masks (#COVIDcompliant) and greeted the two participants, Baba and Tahir.  As branch managers, the two were friendly and confident professionals but they needed a little bit of coaching to help them deliver the right messaging on film for CTD.  We simply ran through the question frames a couple of times and had an open discussion on camera.  This lead to a wealth of honest, naturally-delivered answers which ended up making the film feel personal and relatable.

The End Result

The videos offer short, snappy insights into what it’s like working at CTD, showing current employees that there is a path to develop their career and skill set, as well as showing potential employees why CTD Tiles is an appealing choice for anyone interested in a career in the tiling industry.

Take a look at the finished videos:

Client Testimonial:

“In CTD we have over 650 colleagues over nearly 100 sites and we like to use video content as believe it helps to spread a genuine, wide-reaching message. This particular message was based around diversity and inclusion and showcased some of our colleagues talking about this subject and what it meant to them.

I was so pleased with Turps Film’s efforts on this project. As always, they picked up on the core factors we wanted to achieve and did this despite very limited time from ourselves! If you need any film work to be completed, the team at Turps Film are so easy to work with and always deliver a fantastic end result. I was overwhelmed by the feedback that I received from many people in our business on the content and quality of the project. Thanks Turps Film!”

Katie Clapham – HR Director at CTD Tiles

Looking for something similar to CTD Tiles’ video?

People-centric videos are some of our favourites to complete. We love working with our clients and their teams to truly paint a picture of what the organisation represents and – no matter the industry or company – always produce something that’s authentic and will stand the test of time.

If you’re looking to showcase your people or the culture of your organisation for the purpose of recruitment – or even company awards – we can help.

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