Let’s talk about the types of video that you can make happen in 2021.  Whilst we find ourselves in another lockdown in the UK, that doesn’t mean you can’t move ahead with marketing your business. You just have to think creatively and, if you ask us: think video.

Guidelines issued by the advertising trade body the APA and confirmed by Oliver Dowden, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, show that video production is allowed to continue as long as strict COVID19 protocols are followed (we’ve outlined our own approach here) to keep everybody safe!

That being said, there will, of course, be some limitations that need to be addressed, but all in all, we think introducing video into your strategy could be a solution to some of those problems!

Replacing in-person events and exhibitions

Conferences are out of bounds for the time being, which is a bit of a headache for businesses who have events at the heart of their strategy.  That said, it also presents an opportunity.  Whilst your customers are all replacing events with boring webinars and dodgy Zoom Q&As, you could be launching your own video presentation event.  Think high-quality production with seamless cut-aways and a resource you can slice to suit the medium (e.g. shorter snippets for social, or the full version via a data gateway to encourage sign-ups).

Let’s face it: most people are sick of Zoom by now; all those awkward pauses, lag, out of sync audio and poorly lit rooms, and we believe there is a much better way to make events happen in 2021!  We can carry out interviews and capture relevant imagery to help articulate the speakers’ points. If access or assets are limited, we can create bespoke animation to articulate key messaging.

In the same vein; museums and event spaces have been closed for a while but that doesn’t mean that exhibitions can’t take place.  We helped create an amazing virtual gallery for our client, Little Inventors, where we created a combination of socially distanced video content, self-shot video, and remote video content via Zoom.  You can check out a recap of the project below!

Make your video events something that people actually want to set aside time for!

Promo and demo videos

Promotional content for products or services can be produced as usual, safely and in line with current COVID-19 restrictions. A lot of our promo videos for clients only take a single day to film and can be done either at a business’ premises or we can use our local TV studio.  These types of video give your brand an opportunity to sell something you may have always done in person or give your customers a clear how-to on the products you offer.

Our clients in the Construction space, such as Weber, are partial to a high-quality promo/demo video and they really help to demonstrate a product in human terms.

Case studies and testimonials 

Case studies are a fantastic way to showcase a relationship, service or project to a wide array of audiences and they can absolutely be filmed safely during the current situation.  There are also ways to adapt these videos depending on the circumstance – so say, for example,  we can’t get access to an appropriate location, we can rely on existing graphics and animation to create a uniform look for the video piece to connect with your audience.

When thinking about this type of video creation, businesses can be put off because the logistics seem too much of a headache, but it really just requires some input from those in the know.  If there’s a customer you’d love a testimonial for who is shielding, for example, we can utilise video conferencing and edit this to make it fit within the rest of the content and elevate the quality so there’s brand consistency.

Tutorials and training

We’ve been involved in the production of quite a few tutorials during the lockdown and we’ve already been booked to create some more during the second lockdown, which is exciting.  It’s encouraging to see that internal communications and training are still at the forefront of our client’s businesses, despite their teams being spread out in their own homes and, in some cases (for clients in the Saint-Gobain family) around the world.

There are a couple of ways to make this kind of video happen:  Some clients shoot their own piece to camera and then send the footage to us to package it up with graphics/animation/music and others are asking us to come and document the whole project so that it is easily accessible to their audience.  Either way, we can provide training assets to make it easier to implement video into your communications during these challenging times.

This is really just a taste of the potential of video in 2021 and there are so many avenues we could wax lyrical about, but we won’t.  Whilst the situation we’re all in right now is far from ideal and we can’t do everything exactly how we might have done in a world post-pandemic, utilising video presents endless opportunities for brands and businesses to reach their target customer and really connect on a human level.

Remember that video isn’t just visual.  You might not be able to capture your ideal video, but we can create animations from stills, graphical elements, or repackage a backlog of content, resulting in a project you’re proud to put your brand name to.  If there’s an idea you’re considering or a message you want to deliver but are struggling to determine a medium, just ask, and we’ll set you on the right path.